Integrated Marketing Backed by Powerful Analytics

Entwine Marketing is a full-service marketing consultant firm and agency, with a specialization in Credit Unions.  With 10 year's  leadership experience in Credit Unions; running Digital Marketing, Analytics and Digital Banking departments, Entwine knows the unique business model and needs of Credit Unions...and delivers.  Their specialties include digital marketing, digital delivery systems, loan growth programs, loyalty program development, campaigns and promotions and business analytics (including launching and running MCIF systems).

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Leadership Development and Organizational Excellence

Go Big. Go Beyond. Go Eleven.

Eleven Performance Group boasts twenty years’ experience in financial services; including organizational improvement, leadership development, sales and service, operations, and risk management. In fact, there are hardly any areas of financial services where their talent has not led at the highest level.  Sure, they have accumulated designations and certifications, and are even a certified national examiner for the Baldrige Award for Excellence. But at the end of the day, it’s how this knowledge, these tools, and their experience can be applied to your organization, to you as an individual, and to you as a collective team, that will really elevate your performance.

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Member Loyalty and Quality Loop Surveys

Member Intelligence Group offers custom surveys to gauge Loyalty, Net Promoter Score, Member Effort, Dimensional Satisfaction, Organic Growth Potential and much more.  Even better, behind each of these ratings, we tell you "Why" and what you can do about it.

We gather, analyze and help you apply intelligence from your membership in order to improve operations, improve member loyalty and retention, and improve financial results.  These aren't surveys just for the sake of saying you survey.

Our survey suite delivers relevant and important feedback from your most important audience - your members - in four important dimensions.  It answers questions like:

-Our member satisfaction score is so high.  Why aren't we growing more?
-If we could focus on just one thing to get the biggest bang for our buck, what would it be?
-If we could make even a single change, what impact might it have on our bottom line?
-Why do members rate us the way they do, and what does it mean?

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Strategic Partnerships