Take strategic planning to a new level by incorporating insights from our custom Member Engagement Survey.  By integrating analysis of honest feedback directly from your members, your leadership team will be able to focus on key areas that will have the most direct impact on improving member loyalty, retention, organic growth and profitability.

Our Member Engagement Survey enables you to have data-driven conversations to answer questions such as:

– Our member satisfaction score is so high.  Why aren’t we growing more?

– If we could focus on just one thing to get the biggest bang for our buck, what would it be?

– If we could make even a single change, what impact might it have on our bottom line?

– Why do members rate us the way they do, and what does it mean?

Utilizing a hybrid approach, we measure key components in both behavioral and attitudinal loyalty and dig beyond the scores, to the reasoning behind the scores and what actions can be incorporated into your strategic plan to make improvements.

Learn more about our cornerstone Member Engagement Survey, as well as other survey offerings, from our Member Intelligence Group division.

Several other comprehensive surveys are offered, including:

  • New and Closed Accounts Survey
  • Member Experience Loop Survey
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Internal Service Survey
  • Product Research Survey

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