CUpedia is a secure, easy to use and affordable powerhouse of an intranet. In it’s most basic format, CUpedia can serve as an online repository for your organization’s policies and procedures. But, it can do so much more…

Organizations have struggled for years to find a tool to ensure that all employees can quickly and easily access the most recent, up-to-date corporate information, procedures and documentation needed to effectively perform their jobs, while staying within compliance. Budget restrictions and/or internal technical knowledge often prevent them from being able to use other marketplace solutions. CUpedia was created with small to mid-size Credit Union needs in mind.

Click here to view the CUPedia demo site

CUpedia offers the following:

  • Secure https site dedicated for your credit union
  • Content inaccessible unless registered employee logs into site
  • Ability to restrict specific content access by role, department or management level
  • Employee directory with instant messaging
  • Corporate dashboard to share corporate goals, KPIs, strategy map and messages from CEO
  • Secure Board Portal for dissemination of documents and information
  • Categorize policies by Department and Topic
  • Categorize procedures by Department and Topic
  • Maintain a list of FAQs and Glossary of common terms
  • Marketing portal to share assets and campaign information
  • Create Department-specific sections and pages
  • Allow comments for employees to ask questions or submit feedback

The team at Canidae will build your initial CUpedia site for you; loading all policies, procedures, FAQs and supporting downloadable documents. We will add your staff, assign them the proper access roles and get them registered for your secure site. We can then continue to maintain your CUpedia for you, or you can choose to take the reigns from there (with guidance and training from us, of course).

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