Buy Local Spend Local

A regional program that connects Credit Union members to locally-owned businesses in your community, encouraging members to not only BUY LOCAL, but to also SPEND LOCAL by using your debit or credit card for purchases.

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Member Surveys

Using surveys to collect feedback from your members fuels the cycle that propels profitable growth for your credit union. Asking for honest feedback, analyzing the responses, and applying lessons to your strategic plan makes this input invaluable.

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CUPedia Intranet

An affordable, easy to use and secure intranet to store your organization's policies, procedures, FAQs and Glossary. Content may have restricted access based on department, Management or Board of Directors.

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Founded by Financial Services veteran Jim Kasch, Canidae Consulting delivers clever solutions to credit unions across the country.  If it’s a clever credit union solution, they probably had a hand, er, paw, in it.

Jim has spent the last six years speaking to credit union leaders across the country about the industry’s opportunity to thrive in the future, if only we know how to relate to and serve these unique members. In 2015 he launched Canidae Consulting to work more directly with credit unions in order to prepare them to capture this exciting opportunity by integrating a foundation of member intelligence into strategic plan development.