Take control of your credit union’s future

Over the past ten years alone, 40% of credit unions under $150 million in assets have disappeared. The reasons are well known – competition, regulatory scrutiny, the economy, etc. What’s less obvious is how small credit unions can adapt and thrive in this new normal.

The Canidae Model to strategic planning has evolved over the past dozen years, and is now available as a self-guided program. By participating in the program, credit union executives can help guide their teams through an uncertain future by using a tested and true strategic planning model.

Participants will receive multiple strategic planning tools, including The Canidae Model, a book that explains the approach. Participants will attend several online meetings with other credit union leaders, and will have additional one-on-one meetings with Canidae professionals as they prepare for their strategic planning session, and immediately thereafter.  At the conclusion of the program, the credit union will have a robust, dynamic strategic plan that will help ensure their successful futures, as well as numerous tools to help in plan execution.

Program pricing is $3,500 for the first participant and $1,500 for each additional participant at the same credit union.

Classes begin every month. Click here to enroll today.

Program Overview

Session 1 – The Canidae Model: Covers the planning process and how each component will be used to define and organize your credit union’s strategic plan.
Session 2 – The Strategy Map: Further explains the Strategy Map, how you will build one for your credit union, and how you will use it to ensure alignment during execution.
Session 3 – The Planning Session: Describes the methods, exercises and activities you will facilitate with your team during your strategic planning session.
Session 4 – Session Prep: One-on-one session with Canidae as you prepare to facilitate your credit union’s strategic planning session.
Session 5 – Building Your Map: One-on-one session with Canidae as your build your Strategy Map

The Canidae Model Session Enrollment

Please select which group you would like to join. If you are unable to attend a subsequent session with your original cohort, you will be able to attend that session with another group. Sessions four and five are independently scheduled around your strategic planning session.
All sessions are held via Zoom, and are scheduled from 11:30 am Eastern until 1:00 pm Eastern