Unleash the power of your employees’ knowledge and passion

Future success for credit unions will be based on relationships, not selling products and services. Most sales programs claim to be “Member Centric” or relationship-based, but many times those programs are rehashed sales programs your credit union has already tried.

Consumers today are more empowered than ever before, and the old way of proposing solutions and handling objections is hopelessly outdated. Plus, the reason these programs fail at credit unions is not the fault of the employees – it’s the fault of the program!

NextGen is an objective-based sales program. Which means it is both goal-based (what is the member trying to accomplish?) and non-biased (we’re your advocate through this process). We take a step-by-step approach to prepare your employees to have specific and purposeful conversations with the members to unleash their full member service potential.

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Why NextGen Sales Works

Our program works because it translates your employees’ knowledge and passion into powerful advocacy for the member. This is important for two reasons. First, credit union employees thrive in environments where they can lend their expertise to assist members in making sound financial decisions without pressure. Second, today’s consumers are increasingly wary of traditional marketing, advertising, and sales tactics. They expect personalized, unbiased information to help them make decisions on their own.

How We’re Different

NextGen Sales is different from other retail banking sales programs in several important ways:

  • Most sales programs are built from the product to the member; NextGen is built from the member request to the institution for a truly objective experience
  • Our program includes technical credit mining training using your credit bureau reports
  • We provide our copyrighted Member Savings Calculator that is customized for your institution
  • Your employees use this calculator to capture and demonstrate savings to the member, increasing sales
  • Objective-based coaching and leadership training is included for all managers
  • A comprehensive review and recommendation on system reports is included at no additional charge
  • Our program is designed to fit into the institution’s new hire training program

Program Highlights

  • Learn the power of understanding the buying cycle and your members’ personal motivators
  • Paraphrase requests in ways that resonate with your members
  • Translate your product knowledge into action-specific inquiries to the member
  • Provide unbiased counsel that eliminates member objections
  • Improve member satisfaction by delivering service levels unexpected by your members
  • Drive organic growth by uncovering additional sales opportunities for each interaction

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