Consumer loans are the lifeblood of credit unions, and Canidae has three programs designed to help you capture existing vehicle loans from your members and potential members.  By capturing existing loans, you are not reliant on the consumer to purchase a new car, and you are able to help them save money through reduced interest and payments.

Your credit union can significantly improve its loan yield, increase loan balances and income, and mitigate risk by finding loans with a demonstrated payment history.

Concierge Auto Loan Program

​Vehicle loans are the lifeblood of most credit unions and provide substantial interest income.  Your credit union is competing with all lenders to attract these invaluable loans.

Our Concierge Loan Program will generate significant additional volume for your credit union with no upfront costs to you.  The program features:

  • Increased interest income
  • Hassle-free turnkey solution
  • Low cost – No marketing costs for the credit union
  • Alignment through your credit union’s underwriting criteria
  • Reduced risk through seasoned loans
  • Protected territory through geographic exclusivity
  • New member participation
  • Cross-selling opportunities

We limit the participating credit unions by region.  Contact us today for more information and to check availability in your area of the country.

The sooner you inquire, the sooner you’ll grow!

Branded Program

​The consumers in your market have vehicle and unsecured loans with other institutions.  Our Branded refinance program helps you find them, pre-qualify them, and entice them to bring that loan to your credit union.

You’ll grow in members, in consumer loans, and in income while mitigating risk by selecting precisely the loans you want to refinance.  One credit union found more than $50 million in qualified loans!

Recapture Program

According to research, most credit unions actually hold only 30% of their members’ loan business.  That means for every million you have in loans, your members already have an additional $2 million at other institutions.

Our recapture program will help you find those additional loan balances and bring them to your credit union. Deepen relationships through increased loans and income.  It doesn’t get better than that!