Contact Centers and phone service have always been a staple in the varietal ways Credit Unions serve members. As more interactions move to out-of-branch experiences, and Credit Unions increase digital delivery and options for non-local members; the reliance on phone service will continue to increase.

Employees on the front line of the phones are in a powerful position to create exceptional member experiences through friendly, efficient and highly skilled service. On the flip side; long wait times, misinformation or lack of information, multiple department call-routing and delayed resolutions all contribute to dissatisfaction and increased member effort.

Often times, employees answering calls may need to route a service call to another department for resolution.  Perhaps they lack the knowledge, authority, or access to the appropriate systems needed to resolve the call.  And as a leader, you certainly want to keep an eye on inbound call volumes, the types of calls your team is fielding, the first call resolution rate, and a record of every service request that is exchanged internally.  Unfortunately, many credit unions don’t have a dynamic call center platform that helps do this.

Canidae has created a simple, secure call disposition and service routing system that can be implemented very quickly, requiring minimal training.  This system can be accessed by all employees through a website link which can be placed on your Intranet or employee’s desktop, and functions like an online form.

With our Call Disposition and Service Routing platform, you’ll gain the following:

  • Capture call details and pass escalations to other internal departments for follow-up
  • Obtain an accurate picture of call volumes
  • Understand the reason (disposition) behind calls
    • Discover underlying issues causing high call volumes
    • Identify member education opportunities that could reduce call volume
  • Capture data on first call resolution vs. calls that required additional follow-up

If the issue is not initially resolved by the answering employee, the request is routed directly to the departments or individuals selected in the appropriate question of the survey.  That individual can open an additional ticket, if necessary.

Ultimately, this easy to use internal service system is all about serving members more effectively and efficiently. Contact us today for a quick deployment.